Custom KOOZIES for Wedding- The Perfect Gift for Wedding


Also it is not very cheap. So people must have an estimate in their minds about how much they can spend on the party.A number of people decide to have reception in one of the party halls at a hotel. As it is true that there are number of hotels present, which really offers great packages for the parties. The price includes cups, decorations, napkins, all the chairs and the tables and also a cool dance floor with a very good music system. You may think that all these things are included in your package but it is not at all true as a large number of companies charge you with some extra money for cups and napkins etc.Than comes the decoration, which is really very much crucial for any party. Centerpieces like fish bowls, candles, river rocks, and a streamer etc can be placed on the table. One can put rocks in the fish bowl and than place the candle in the middle of the fish bowl, and then finally wrap the streamer around the fish bowl’s bottom. Another important thing for reception is the gift to be given to all the guests. A large number of people like to give sweets boxes to their guests as a gift. But it is really very common so now everyone is looking for a special and different gift. As everyone like to have beer so giving everyone KOOZIES with wedding date and names printed on them will surely be the best gift.  Giving KOOZIES as a gift is really great, different and very special. Colors depending on the gender of the guest may vary like ladies may be given pink colored KOOZIES. And gents may be given a blue colored KOOZIES. A large number of other different colors are also available in the market. Also if you finally decide to give KOOZIES than you must look for a good company. And you must purchase all the KOOZIES from a single company. A large number of companies give away heavy discounts on purchase of a large number of KOOZIES.

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Koozies are a bottle or can or water bottle  holder which can be made from many materials like Foam, Neoprene ( wet  suit material) etc. It’s mission to beacome #1 website for personalized Koozies and wedding koozies.

Add Me to the List, Mr. Blair

Both the US Patriot Act, recently extended by Congress and Tony Blair’s newly acquired powers to exclude and deport not only active terrorists but also people who disagree with his foreign policy suspend long-standing and hard-won human and civil rights. The right to privacy has been all but eradicated in both countries.

Blair and Bush exercise self-defense through moral suicide. Visitors to the UK as well as residents and naturalized Britons must adhere to Britain’s set of values and observe them, thunders the former. Presumably, it is the same set of values that Blair is so bent on bending and ignoring. And as for Bush – remember Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib.

The UK will maintain a registry of undesirables. Please add me to the list, Mr. Blair. I believe that the terrorist attacks in London were a desperate and criminal response to your own war crimes throughout the world and, lately, on a monstrous scale, in Iraq. Terrorism is deplorable and red in tooth and claw. It should be fought with determination and imagination – not with oppression and slaughters of the innocent.

Your mother should have taught you that hanging around bad company invariably ends badly. Evidently, she failed in this particular respect. You cast your obsequious lot with a narcissistic, thuggish, gun-toting, trigger-happy, bible-thumping, and dangerously violent nation, the United States of America. Violence breeds counter-violence and profound contempt. You found yourself on the receiving end of both in ample doses in July 2005. The taste of one’s medicine is always bitter.

In a string of uninterrupted and unpunished war crimes, the UK and the USA (and Israel and France) taught Muslim militants that civilians are potential warriors and merit no special treatment or protection. International law has become the self-interested and biased “justice” of the victors, a policy tool, a discriminatory travesty, worthy only of condemnation.

From Dresden to Hiroshima, through Vietnam and Yugoslavia, and down to Palestine and Iraq, the hectoring and hypocritical West itself made no distinction between peaceful population and combatants. Lately, it took to invading or threatening to invade Muslim territories, occupying holy places, and massacring tens of thousands of innocents in the process. More than 100,000 civilians died in Iraq since the American-British led “liberation”.

Yet, as New-York and Madrid and London can attest, ignoring one’s own rules of engagement in warfare is a recipe for recurrent disaster. By courting the USAHealth Fitness Articles, Blair is courting a pernicious transformation in the nature of his people and country that generations of future patriots and compatriots are bound to mourn.